With a name like Rodeo Cutting & Coring Ltd. customers are often surprised to find just how widespread our services really are. One of the areas we specialize in that surprise many new customers is the areas of earthworks and excavation. Earthworks and excavation play an integral role in a great deal of standard concrete cutting work and so while we have the equipment for these bread and butter tasks, we also specialize in the other uses of the equipment that can help our customers.

First of all earthworks and excavation equipment is indispensable in large scale demolition and concrete removal. Much of our work creates huge amounts of demolition waste that needs to be disposed of efficiently and safely. Excavation equipment like skid steers and tracked excavators allow us to quickly break and move concrete from our demolition work. But that isn’t all. One of the primary tasks for a slab saw is cutting concrete trenching. Not only are our excavators useful in removing the concrete from these trenches but they are also essential to digging trenching for electrical and plumbing services below the concrete. We use our fleet of equipment to dig these trenches efficiently, remove waste material, and refill and repack with gravel when necessary. What’s more is that this work can take place indoors or outdoors. A number of our Kubota excavators are EPA Tier 4 compliant so they can be safely used indoors.

However, like I said, employing our excavation and earthworks equipment in the service of concrete demolition and removal isn’t the only reason we use it. We are also happy to take on large or small scale landscape projects entirely unrelated to our other concrete services. These projects can include transporting and placing decorative rock, digging ponds and other landscape features, and really just about anything you can imagine. Call us today to discuss your project. We’re sure we can help you complete it on time and on budget.