New Year’s Resolutions

January 14, 2019 admin

New Year’s resolutions… almost all of us make them, even if we have little hope of keeping them or if we disagree with the practice entirely. It’s simply too tempting to look forward to a fresh start and want to make the most of it.

What New Year’s resolutions have you made and how are they going so far? So many of us pick the typical ones like losing weight, eating better, exercising more, or quitting some unhealthy habit. This isn’t a radical blog post. It’s just a reminder to take it easy on yourself and to be forgiving. One of the worst things that can happen when making New Year’s resolutions is that when you screw up you abandon the project entirely. One thing we’ve learned in life and work is the value of perseverance. Don’t stop just because things aren’t going your way. Don’t give up because you failed. These resolutions are about bettering yourself and you can’t do that if you don’t show yourself enough love and care. Let yourself be imperfect. It’s okay.

In many years of business we have seen our fair share of failures and setbacks, but we’ve learned to overcome them and that’s essential to both life and business. Let’s enjoy this year of bettering ourselves together!