Introduction to Slab Sawing

December 7, 2018 admin

So far in our introduction series, we’ve introduced core drilling and wall sawing, now we want to take a little time to introduce the concept of slab sawing so that our customers are aware of the type of equipment being used on their projects and how it works.

A slab saw is a relatively simple piece of equipment all things being equal. What a slab saw is is essentially a self-propelled vehicle with a blade driven by a front rotor. This blade can be mounted on the left or right of the saw to fit into tight corners. In addition to powering the blade (which like a wall saw blade is segmented with diamonds and cuts by friction), the saw also uses hydraulics to lift and lower the front end of the saw which in turn raises or lowers the blade and changes its cutting depth. Slab saws can be mounted with incredibly large blades and cut to surprising depths. Like all other saws and drills, the entire process is lubricated and cooled with water.

Slab saws, unlike wall saws and core drills, cannot be mounted to a surface, so they are restricted to relatively flat surfaces with limited inclines. This makes them ideal for large demolition projects, road cutting, and green cutting of fresh concrete.