Fall Projects Part 1

October 12, 2018 admin

Summer is behind us and Winter is fast approaching. Now is the time to tackle those maintenance projects that will prepare you for Winter before it gets too cold. Here are a few to consider.

1 Maintain your heating system
You’re going to be using your heating system again this Winter. I know, you’ve gone months without touching it, but you’re going to be happy to have it in a short while. Maintaining your heating system will ensure that you can reliably heat your house and it will save you money too. This can be as simple as replacing dirty old filters, or as big a project as putting in a new furnace. Either way, you should seriously think about this one. And if there’s any coring needed for exhaust lines, etc. you know who to call.

2. Remodel your kitchen
I’m sure that there are lots of great seasons to remodel your kitchen, but in the Fall you can get your kitchen ready for the use and abuse you’ll put it through over the Christmas holidays. There’s a lot that can be done here, from a full remodel, to the addition of an island, to just replacing backsplash or a sink.

3. Clean your gutters
Arguably best done in the Spring or Fall, cleaning your gutters will ensure that they work reliably when the snow starts to melt at the end of Winter. And yes, the end of Winter is coming, it’s just a long way off. By cleaning your gutters in the late Fall, you can get rid of the accumulation of dead leaves from the season and keep your gutters running smoothly for those unpredictable Chinooks.