A Letter to Our Employees

September 6, 2018 admin

Rodeo Cutting & Coring Ltd. may have been started from the ground up by Darryl Romaniuk, but it survives and thrives today because of its family of employees. Darryl wanted to take a moment to mention those people who keep the doors open and keep the business going. When customers are satisfied, he owes it to his employees. When a situation needs to be rectified, it’s those same employees who step up and fix the situation. Darryl is proud of each and every member of his family of employees, and he wants them to know how much they mean to him. But he also wants our customers to know just how much he appreciates his employees and how much he owes to them.

Often we emphasize the importance of our heritage. On our 20th anniversary, we can’t help but remember that this company started with one man. However, today Rodeo is the company it is because many employees have proven their value, reliability, and dedication to Darryl and Rodeo. This translates to a better experience for the customer and a business that’s easier to run.

So, while we may celebrate our heritage today, we are proud to be a company of employees who all work hard to make us the company we are. We owe an enormous debt of thanks to them, and we want everyone, including them, to know how much they mean to us, and to Darryl especially. Thank you.