Today we’re continuing our blog articles on summer renovation projects. Summer is a great time to get out there and start a new project. It’s still not too late.


  1. Grind and polish your garage pad

If you get any heavy use out of your garage as a workshop or a showcase for your car then you will definitely enjoy the benefits of a floor polishing and grinding. Using advanced grinding and polishing technology we can expose the aggregate in your concrete and give it a hard wearing finish, even a showroom quality finish if you really want to let your rides shine. Benefits include easy cleaning, low maintenance, beautiful appearance, and greater durability.


  1. Build a deck/patio

Don’t have a deck or patio? Or is your deck or patio just too small for a good barbeque and drinks with friends and family? Think about building or expanding your patio or deck this season. The woodwork is really not that complex and we can help you with work like prepping and drilling pilings. In a short weekend of work, you could be enjoying the sunshine and a drink of your choice on your brand new build.


  1. Do some landscaping

This may seem like a bit of a Spring project but we’re not talking about just planting some flowers or bushes here. If you really want to renovate your yard consider putting in patio stones, rock features, ponds and other landscaping features that will make your yard pop. We can help with your excavation, earthmoving, trenching, and any cutting you might need.