Summer Renovation Projects Part 1

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Each season offers distinct advantages when it comes to different renovation projects, but few seasons can compete with summer for the sheer number of renovations you can take on because of the great weather. Now is a great time to tackle projects that will save you money year round and get you excited about enjoying your house this summer and for the rest of the year.


  1. Install Energy-Efficient Windows

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer. Energy-efficient windows have become cheaper, better and easier to get a hold of for years now. Whether you want to enlarge an existing window, install a new one, or simply replace an old one, this project will make your living spaces (especially your basement) extra livable and they can also save you a bundle in heating and cooling expenses throughout the year. If you’re planning to install a brand new window or enlarge an existing window you can contact us for information on how best to proceed. We’d be happy to take care of any of your concrete cutting needs.


  1. Replace/Install an Air Conditioner

Whether your A/C unit has seen better days or you still don’t have one, now is the best time to install a new one and reap the benefits on those hot summer days. While A/C can be expensive it can save you in the long run by making your house more livable. If you’re not spending every night escaping to the mall or outdoor patios you might save a buck and enjoy your home a bit more too! If you need any coring to run lines you can call us for a quote on our core drilling services.


  1. Pave your driveway

Alberta winters are hard on our driveways. They can crack and heave and eventually become an unsightly and uneven surface. If you care about your car or use your driveway as part of a workshop then keeping it in good condition is well worth it. Maybe you live in a new development and don’t even have a driveway yet. If that’s the case then now is definitely the time to get a new driveway. Summer is a great time to pour concrete as long as the temperature is not excessive. You might even think about putting in a heated pad for that Winter ice. Whatever you decide, keep Rodeo in mind for any green cutting to keep that fresh concrete looking fresh for years to come.

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