Stampede Spirit

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Stampede Spirit. People talk about it all the time but not many people bother to discuss what it means. What does it mean to have Stampede Spirit? Is it partying? Dressing like a cowboy or cowgirl? Is it about remembering the heritage of this great city?


For Darryl Romaniuk, the owner of Rodeo Cutting & Coring Ltd. Stampede Spirit has always meant something special. There’s a reason our slogan is “Cutting for the Stampede City Since 1998.” We’re damn proud of our heritage as part of the Stampede City. And we take pride in what that means for this city and for us. Stampede Spirit is about being undefeatable. It’s about getting up out of the mud to ride again. It’s about trying new things. It’s about trying things people tell you that you can’t do. Darryl built Rodeo Cutting & Coring Ltd. despite all odds and we all feel an affinity for those cowboys who get up out of the mud to ride again. Those cowboys who do something so dangerous and yet exhilarating. We love what we do and we love doing it for others.


Darryl often says that “slurry gets in your nose” which means that this job gets into you. You take pride in it and you don’t want to quit. It’s hard and miserable sometimes but you persevere. That’s the Stampede Spirit and we’re here to show the city we have it year round, not just during the weeks of Stampede each summer.

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