Frequently Asked Questions Part 3

May 5, 2017 admin

What if there is a power outlet below where I would like my window to be cut?


If there is a power box located below the window placement, the power supply to this outlet needs to be turned off.


Do you usually cut windows from the inside or the outside of a residence?


It depends on what the customer prefers. If we cut from the inside, there is more of a mess and so protective plastic sheeting needs to be applied to eliminate damage to surrounding areas. Rodeo Cutting & Coring Ltd. will hang plastic sheeting for the homeowner for an additional fee if it is required. Also, vacuum cleanup is required for a window that is cut from the inside, so we will provide this service for an additional fee.


What if there is drywall covering the area where I would like the window installed?


If there is drywall covering the area where the window is to be cut, and our crew is cutting from the inside, the drywall needs to be cut out. If we were cutting from the outside, we would prefer the drywall stay intact as it provides extra protection from the slurry and spray that is created when we are cutting.


When cutting a window with a wallsaw how close to the window does your unit need to be?


Our power and water lines can reach a maximum of 300′. If you don’t have access within this range tell us and we can discuss options.


Do I need to supply water or power to you for cutting?


No, each of our units can supply power and water.