Rodeo Cutting & Coring Ltd. has returned to its frequently asked questions blog posts. Look out for the upcoming FAQ web page.


Do I need permits for a window(s) to be cut in my basement?


A building permit and possibly a development permit is required for cutting a window(s) at a residential dwelling.  Furthermore, in order to do any digging, we require locates for underground utilities to be done before we dig.


Who is responsible for marking out the required measurements for window cutting?


The customer is responsible for marking out measurements and location of where cutting is to be performed.


How much room is needed to access the window for cutting


Typically our crews need a minimum of 1’ on either side of the cut to be made, 1’ below the cut, and 4’ back from the cut. Keep in mind this may require excavation. Use cut backs to avoid having your excavation collapse.


What if I physically cannot do the digging required to have my window cut?


Rodeo Cutting & Coring Ltd. will dig your windows with excavating equipment and/or manual digging for an additional fee.


Do I have to have overcuts on my marked out windows?


Ideally, yes we would prefer to have overcuts for easier removal of the concrete.  We typically estimate overcuts to be 6” on all four corners.