5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Polished Concrete Floors

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Durable and Sustainable

Polished concrete floors are among the most durable flooring options. Polished concrete floors are incredibly strong. They resist damage from equipment and heavy foot traffic. Polished concrete floors are very difficult to damage and they are nearly impossible to crack. Sealing your polished concrete floors also creates a barrier against contaminants, water, oils, and other material that will degrade your concrete floors over time.



Low Maintenance

Along with being incredibly durable, polished concrete floors are exceptionally easy to maintain. Occasional sweeping and light mopping are all that is required to keep dirt and grime from accumulating on your floors. This will preserve that high gloss finish for many years to come. When concrete floors are polished and sealed professionally you won’t have to worry about repolishing your floors any time soon. With minimal maintenance that showroom finish will last for many years. You can expect most polished and sealed floors to last for a decade without having to be repolished. In that time the occasional sweeping and light mopping is all you’ll need to maintain an incredible finish. No other flooring option is as low maintenance as polished concrete floors.




Believe it or not polished concrete floors are actually one of the cheapest flooring options available. While you can get into more expensive options like decorative finishes and sealing, a basic concrete polish offers a marble-like natural finish that is durable, beautiful, and remarkably affordable. In fact, concrete polishing is often more affordable that laminate, tile, vinyl, or hardwood. Costs per square foot will vary but you’ll find that a surprising variety of the options are more affordable than traditional flooring options. When concrete already exists, in the case of an existing patio, basement, office space, or garage pad, polished concrete floors become an even more affordable solution.




The process of installing and maintaining polished concrete floors doesn’t require the use of environmentally harmful chemicals. It also produces very little waste. Polishing an existing concrete floor is probably one of the most “green” options. With minimal environmental impact you can transform your existing concrete into a finished floor, while consuming very little in material. Furthermore, polished concrete floors never need to be replaced. You’ll never need to throw out any flooring like hardwood, carpet, or tile, because you can always repolish or refinish the concrete later. This keeps waste out of our landfills and saves you money.

Polished concrete floors are also very energy efficient. They reflect light and heat so well that heating and lighting rooms employing polished concrete is extremely efficient. This is why you see polished concrete used in showrooms so often. It naturally improves lighting.



Mark & Stain Free

No other flooring resists marks and stains like a polished and sealed concrete floor. This is why polished concrete flooring is so common in commercial applications. But polished concrete floors are a great option for residential applications too, especially in areas with heavy traffic and chance of spills. Tire marks, scuffs, and stains are all uncommon on polished concrete floors. And if they ever do happen cleanup and removal is quick and painless. The glassy smooth surface resists staining and marks so well that anything left behind can be easily wiped off the surface.


Check out our concrete polishing & grinding page to learn more.

3 Comments on “5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Polished Concrete Floors

  1. Thanks for the interesting read on some of the benefits of having concrete floors. It was cool to learn that these types of floors don’t need much maintenance, and all you really need to do is sweep it. Even so, I’m interested to learn how often you should do this, like if it should be done once a week or something like that.

  2. That is great that polished concrete floors are among the most durable flooring options. I liked how you mentioned that they are very easy to maintain too. My husband and I have been thinking of what we could do in our basement for flooring and polished concrete sounds like it would be a great option. Thank you for the information!

  3. Who would have thought that we’d start doing concrete floors in any room of our homes?? With all the options these days to decorate concrete, you can almost make it work anywhere, and it looks soooo good!!! I love it!

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